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SL-D32P+ – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31)/No longer available for the European market Sublime RS422 expandable 2RU data router

Order no: 18978

Categories: Product Family: VikinX Functionality: Routing


The versatile SL-D32P+ is a 32 port RS422 router for device control applications. The router is expandable upto 128 ports thru a data multiplex port, allowing to scale at need. The data multiplex is a 270Mbps stream that can be taken thru normal SDI infrastructures such as routers and optical converters. This allows for very flexible setups, and also multi-channel RS422 over fiber applications. The multiplex port also features a passive bypass in case of power failure. The Router also has support for a number of 3rd party protocols and thru the Multicon system controller it becomes an embedded part of any routing system that can be controlled from panels, web interfaces, SNMP and more..


  • Scale at need
  • 3rd party protocol support


  • Device control
  • RS422 over fiber

Key Features

  • Expandable to 128 ports using TDM technology
  • 270Mbps data-multiplex supported by SDI infrastructure
  • Connect up to 4x routers to form 32-/64-/96-/128 ports
  • IP-based system configurator
  • RS-422 machine control
  • Expansion capability allows installations to expand as needs and budgets grow

Document   sublime_compact_data_routers

18979 – SL-D64P+ – 2x SL-D32P+
18980 – SLD96P+ – 3x SL-D32P+
18981 SL-D128P – 4x SL-D32P+

Document   SL-D32P+

Document   sublime_control_panels_10

Document   sublime_accessories_10

Document   multicon_progammable_control_panels_10

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