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Sublime SL-xD-CP – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31)/No longer available for the European market - Programmable dualbus control panel

Categories: Product Family: VikinX Functionality: Router control

Nevion series of Sublime control panels provides powerful control features to a large range of routing application with their high flexibility thru their programmability, multi-router/ multi vendor support and multiple control interfaces. Sublime control panels support both serial and IP-based control. The panels are compact and lightweight, easily mounted in desks or racks. They are all 19″ wide, and ranges from 1RU 8×8 single bus to 4RU 64×64 CY multibus. They are equipped with robust buttons designed to handle everyday use.

The panel is well fitted with small routing systems as one control panel can control up to 4 individual routers over IP. The Sublime panels can also be merged into large routing system with Multicon. One Sublime control panel can control any router that Multicon controls; Sublime, Modular or any 3rd party router. This gives you great flexibility, both for existing and new installations.

The panel provides several levels of protections with the ability to lock and protect your outputs from a Sublime control panel as well as  assigning control confirmation, using “Take” as an extra action whenever you do a switch. This ensures that your video feeds are not interrupted, making the panels ideal for live switching.

The configurability of the panel is large, with its  “any button – any function” philosophy, allowing to assign any input, output or multiple crosspoints to a button. The button also gives you live feedback when it’s active. Nevion Configurator enables you to configure all your control panels, supporting custom layouts, assignment of button configurations and changing between configurations to keep up with your daily work. It also keeps track of all your panels and helps you maintain your network.

Control panels with dualbus layout have only two outputs and 16 inputs. They are very suited for monitoring purposes. You can also build larger dualbus panels, up to 64×2, with the dualbus panel as a building block.


  • Low OPEX
  • Easliy configurable
  • Extensive 3rd party support


  • Studio routing control
  • Live event routing control
  • OB Vans
  • Large routing systems
  • Small routing systems

Key Features

  • 16×2, 1RU
  • Scalable to 64×2 with multiple panels
  • Ethernet/RS-232/NCB control
  • Programmable
  • Full button flexilbility
  • Robust buttons
  • Live button status feedback
  • Size: 19inch – 1RU – depth 5cm
  • Low power

Sublime 2.7.2

Maintenance release. See release notes for details for further details. Please download and unzip the required software below:

Document   sublime_release_notes_2.7.2 (25/03/2019)

Item No. Item Name Description
12516 SL-16D-CP 1RU Dualbus Control Panel for 16×2 routers, Ethernet/RS-232/NCB control, programmable, 19″ 1RU depth 5cm.

Document   sublime_control_panels_11

Document   Sublime_CP_User_Manual

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