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Sublime SL-ADx-110 – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31)/No longer available for the European market - Balanced digital audio router range

Categories: Product Family: VikinX Functionality: Routing

Nevion’s Sublime digital audio routers covers most studio routing application with a router series ranging from 16×16 to 64×64 both in balanced and unbalanced versions. Its  extensive 3rd party support given by all Nevion routers makes the routers fit in many applications, and also ease the installation into existing systems.

Product in the range:

SL-AD1616-110,  SL-AD3232-110, SL-AD6464-110


  • Low OPEX
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Extensive 3rd party support


  • Small studio systems
  • Post processing systems
  • Editing systems
  • OB van

Key Features

  • Balanced 110Ohm on DB25 female connectors
  • Ethernet/RS-232/NCB control
  • Programmable
  • Extensive third party support
  • Size: 19inch – 1RU, 2RU or 4RU – depth 5cm
  • Router range from 16×16 to 64×64
  • Software based Configurator for easy system set-up
  • Low Power, high reliability design
  • Redundant power supply system with front indicators
  • Interoperability with existing routers system

Document   sublime_compact_digital_audio_routers_0

Sublime 2.7.2

Maintenance release. See release notes for details for further details. Please download and unzip the required software below:

Document   sublime_release_notes_2.7.2 (25/03/2019)


Item No. Item Name Description
12495 SL-AD1616-110 1RU 16×16 Digital Audio Router (balanced). Ethernet/RS-232/NCB control, router partitioning, 19″ 1RU depth 5cm.
13083 SL-AD3232-110 2RU 32×32 Digital Audio Router (balanced). Ethernet/RS-232/NCB control, router partitioning, 19″ 2RU depth 5cm.
16745 SL-AD6464-110 4RU 64×64 Digital Audio Router (balanced). Ethernet/RS-264/NCB control, router partitioning, 19″ 4RU depth 5cm.


Item No. Item Name Description
12455 SL-AD0808-110 8×8 Digital Audio Router (balanced). Ethernet/RS-232/NCB control, router partitioning, 19″ 1RU depth 5cm.
12475 SL-AD1602-110 16×2 Digital Audio Router (balanced). Ethernet/RS-232/NCB control, expandable to 128×2, 19″ 1RU depth 5cm.

Document   sublime_digital_audio_rev_w

Document   sublime_control_panels_5

Document   sublime_accessories_5

Document   multicon_progammable_control_panels_5

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