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Nevion’s VideoIPath is a comprehensive orchestration and SDN control system that provides connection management, service assurance and network inventory capabilities for service providers and broadcasters. The system may be used for managing a variety of networks ranging from international or national contribution networks to broadcast facility or campus infrastructures.

Service fulfillment functionality provides a continuous awareness of the availability of all network resources and the means to connect these resources together from source to destination. Service assurance offers the capability of monitoring services across the entire media network, to detect faults and zoom onto their root cause.

Nevion’s VideoIPath is designed to make it easy to manage traditional and IP-based media networks; enabling users to achieve their objectives in a quick and simple way.

  • Provisioning of services (connection management) for wide area, metro or local media networks
  • Recording and maintenance (network inventory) of all network resources detected by the system
  • Monitoring of network resources and correlation with on-going services (service assurance)

A key aspect of VideoIPath is that it uses Software Defined Networking (SDN) for management of the intermediate network infrastructure used to transport media services. SDN is making in-roads into media networks, as it delivers the deterministic and scalable performance required for the transport of media services. The combination of endpoint control and SDN provides a unique solution for end-to-end control of media services.

The VideoIPath SDN solution has many applications from control of contribution networks to production and broadcast infrastructures. One example is SDN controlled IP routing as a
replacement for traditional baseband routing, which provides the same workflow that broadcasters are used to from the baseband environment, without the complexity involved in
managing an IP network infrastructure.

The platform provides modern REST based APIs for north-bound integration with existing OSS and BSS systems. The system supports both Nevion and a variety of third-party devices via its flexible southbound APIs. New third-party devices are integrated on a per project basis using a software development kit maintained by Nevion.

The system is based on a common software platform running on virtual or dedicated server hardware. The system consists of different modules that may be licensed separately and combined to form a deployment for a specific purpose.

VideoIPath offers state-of-the art Web based user interfaces that are designed with specific attention to ease-of-use placing the operator in focus. The platform is based on a distributed computing platform offering high-availability and a role-based security model.

VideoIPath greatly simplifies the provisioning, monitoring and inventory of media networks, resulting in:

  • Increase revenue through more effective use of network resources and the ability to transport more content
  • Save operating costs through automation of complex processes and self-service to quickly establish services on-demand
  • Increase profits by collapsing service set up and tear down—fast turnaround and short-term events become practical
  • Achieve a high degree of flexibility and assured, high-quality delivery
  • Service fulfillment and assurance without need for detailed knowledge about each network element involved
  • Open approach that encourages interaction with third-party equipment and management systems

Key features includes:

  • Best-of-breed self-service application for contribution networks targeting service providers
  • Out-of-the-box alarm monitoring for Nevion installations with support for third-party integration
  • Overlay application for in-service monitoring
  • Migration path from traditional to next-generation IP networks (using SDN technology)
  • Bridge the gap between current contribution and production networks
  • Enable non-specialist users to manage services on-demand
  • Proven solution for large, medium and small networks

  VideoIPath Overview R1736

  BT X-Net IP Contribution Case Study

  France Televisions VideoIPath IP Contribution Case Study


TESTE nevion-dev

VideoIPath 6.2.8

VideoIPath 6.2.8 is now available. For an overview of new features, corrections and improvements see release notes.

  VideoIPath Release Notes 6.2.8 (20/11/2017)

  • 24056 VIP-SW-BASE
    • VideoIPath base platform license. License fee per server. Includes 5 user licenses. Includes alarm and inventory management functions. Requires node licenses.
  • 24303 VIP-SW-BASE-ADV
    • VideoIPath base platform license with advanced features. License fee per server. Includes 5 user licenses and VIP-SW-BASE. Includes Timeline, Service Monitor and Analytics applications and advanced service assurement functions. Requires node licenses.
  • 24057 VIP-SW-NODE-A
    • VideoIPath level A node license (small size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.
  • 24058 VIP-SW-NODE-B
    • VideoIPath level B node license (medium size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.
  • 24059 VIP-SW-NODE-C
    • VideoIPath level C node license (large size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.
  • 24060 VIP-SW-CONNECT
    • VideoIPath connection license. License fee per active connection (source to destination). Includes alarm correlation for connections.
    • VideoIPath connection license with scheduling support. License fee per simultaneous active connection (source to destination). Includes alarm correlation for connections.
  • 24062 VIP-SW-MONITOR
    • VideoIPath service monitoring license. License fee per monitored end-to-end service. Note that monitoring of connections is covered by CONNECT license.
  • 24063 VIP-SW-USER-5
    • VideoIPath user license. License fee per 5 simultaneous user sessions. Note 5 licenses is included with base/base advanced platform.
  • 24108 VIP-SW-CUSTOM
    • VideoIPath custom development. Covers driver development or roadmap acceleration of specific features required for a customer deployment that will be included in standard product. Price is based on an estimate of development effort.
  • 24067 VIP-SW-MAINT
    • VideoIPath maintenance agreement. Provides access to all major and minor software updates. 15% of all installed SW licenses (list price) invoiced annually in advance.

  VideoIPath Rev.D guides

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