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Web Panel Web based control panel for Flashlink and VikinX

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The Web Panel provides a Web-based alternative to traditional hardware control panels and offers more flexibility when it comes to button layout on the screen and to accessibility. The Web Panel, combined with a touch screen display, gives you both the ease-of-use of a traditional control panel and the flexibility of the Web Panel.

The Web Panel supports control of VikinX routers (or any third-party router integrated with Multicon) and Flashlink equipment through invocation of pre-defined setups (so-called salvos).

The Web Panel server software is installed on a Windows server machine, while the user interface is accessed from any client computer running a Web browser. Switching between different control panels is as easy as following a Web link.

The Web Panel comes with Web templates that can be configured for most router control purposes, but the software also enables you to create fully customized control panels using standard Web technologies.

Key Features

  • Web-based user interface for VikinX router control
  • Full support for virtual router, categories, salvos, lock and protect of destinations
  • Support for multiple users with access control
  • Configurable Web Panel templates available (software configurable buttons)
  • Customized Web Panels also possible using standard HTML and CSS
  • Client log-in via standard Web browser (platform independent router control from PC, Mac or Linux)



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