Webinar recording: Sony and Nevion webinar: Experts you can trust to transform your production

This webinar took place on thursday June 11, 2020 @ 10:00 am and 6:00 pm CEST

IP technology can dramatically transform live production, bringing higher productivity and better use of resources. The key to unlocking the transformative potential of IP is of course to pick the right products and solutions, but even more importantly the very best experience and expertise. Sony is a world leader in broadcast and production solutions, and Nevion a world leader in real-time IP media networks and virtualization. This joint webinar explains how together Sony and Nevion are the experts you can trust to transform your production.

Deon A. LeCointe, Senior Manager, IP and Sports Solutions | Sony Electronics Inc

Mark Harrison, Product Manager – Live Production Infrastructure Professional Solutions Europe, a division of Sony Europe B.V.

Olivier Suard, Vice-President of Marketing, Nevion

Webinar recording @ 10 am (CEST) with Mark Harrison and Olivier Suard

Webinar recording @ 6 pm (CEST) with Deon A. LeCointe and Olivier Suard

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