Whitepaper: Architecture & control – The two keys to IP infrastructure success in broadcast

Nevion Architecture and Control Whitepaper

IP technology is now beginning to be used for transporting broadcast signals within studio- and campus facilities. In many cases though, broadcasters are initially considering a like-for-like network replacement of baseband with IP. However, there is much more to IP than simply mimicking existing baseband networks.

IP brings the opportunity to harmonize local and long-distance media networks around a single technology – so-called IP LAN/WAN (local and wide area network) convergence. This means that it becomes much easier to share equipment, studios and control rooms, and even production staff, across locations – bringing new savings and greater production flexibility than could be possible with existing technology. This is the opportunity broadcasters need to seize.

To do this, broadcasters need to consider carefully how they design and architect their IP infrastructure. If they focus on the products, prioritizing features and cost before anything else, broadcasters may find themselves ‘locked out’ of the real potential that can be delivered through IP networks and find their IP network unable to cope with growth and changing needs. Some early movers to IP in the facilities are already finding this out

To help broadcasters get their network architecture and control right, Nevion has published a whitepaper entitled “Architecture & control – The two keys to IP infrastructure success in broadcast“. This whitepaper looks at the advantages of network architectures commonly in use, including star-networks and spine-leaf networks, as well as the differences between automated routing and software defined (SDN) control, and evaluates the best options for broadcast production networks..

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Whitepaper: Architecture & Control
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