Nevion VideoIPath

The perfect orchestration for all networks

Orchestrating made simple

Are you looking to control your complete media network and orchestrate the services running on it? Are you wondering how to make optimum use of resources, be it bandwidth, equipment or functionality?

Nevion’s VideoIPath is your answer!

Introducing Nevion VideoIPath

Nevion VideoIPath is a convergent media orchestration platform, which combines network orchestration (including SDN) and broadcast control


Nevion VideoIPath makes it easy to route video, audio and data across networks, connecting locations, equipment and functionality. No need for expertise – Nevion VideoIPath manages the underlying complexity and the resource capacity!


Nevion VideoIPath enables resources to be pooled and shared within the network (infrastructure virtualization), and functionality to be reconfigured or changed on software-defined media nodes (media function virtualization).


Nevion VideoIPath can collect the monitoring data from all the equipment throughout the media network, aggregate it together with other elements and present meaningful information about the status of the network and services

A solution you can trust

Developed by experts in IT, broadcast and telecom networks, Nevion VideoIPath is being used daily for a variety of applications by broadcasters, service providers and other organizations across the world, including BT, BBC, CBC Canada, France Télévisions, Optus, Singtel, TV 2 Norway, and many more.

Nevion VideoIPath puts users in control

Broadcast production

Managing broadcast contribution

With Nevion VideoIPath, the production team can set-up contribution links between locations on their own, both in a planned and ad-doc manner.  Users just select the source and destination(s), pick the profile needed (e.g. what type of compression and protection to use), set the date and time(s), and let Nevion VideoIPath manage all the underlying complexity.

Planning broadcast workflows

Nevion VideoIPath allows production planners to design workflows, well ahead of events or shows. All the connectivity, media-flows, processing and salvos can be planned and tested graphically, without needing to worry about the physical aspects of the network. When the production needs to take place, the pre-configured workflow can be set-up at the touch of a button.

Controlling broadcast workflows

In a live-production environment, the team in the gallery can continue to use familiar control panels, thanks to Nevion VideoIPath’s support for industry-standard interfaces. Nevion VideoIPath also offers a touch-screen panel that can run on computers and tablets. So the production team can work as they always have done, even as the underlying media network evolves.

Network management and control

Architecting the network

Nevion VideoIPath is the solution to network architects’ network management and control headache. Nevion VideoIPath supports both centralized and distributed architectures; automatic routing, SDN, and hybrids; media and data; and IP LANs and WANs. Nevion VideoIPath also manages bandwidth, ports and other capacity issues.

Keeping things running

Nevion VideoIPath provides advanced monitoring and fault-recovery capabilities, enabling support operations to a ensure service continuity. These capabilities include graphical alarm management, root cause detection, historical logs, and network to service correlation, as well as manual and automatic re-routing.

Maintaining the network

Nevion VideoIPath makes it easy for operations to set-up and manage the installed base, for example by enabling planned maintenance of equipment, and the roll-out of software and firmware upgrades. Nevion VideoIPath enables operations to identify services affected, and re-route them proactively.

Scalable, reliable, secure and versatile

Key features

Combine network orchestration and broadcast control capabilities

Robust 3-tier architecture, with synchronized main and backup server

Role-based secure access, with multi-tenanting support

Support for centralized star, dual-star and spine-leaf network architectures

Support for automated routing (e.g. IGMP/PIM), SDN (including Netconf/Yang, OpenConfig or Openflow) and hybrid control

Ability to act as an NMOS IS-04 registry for compliant media equipment, to detect when new devices are connected to the IP media network, and understand their capabilities

Control NMOS compliant equipment through IS-05, and non-NMOS compliant devices via driver-based interfaces, to establish media flows between senders and receivers mixed environments

Support for tally distribution, salvos, alias naming, endpoint grouping, destination monitoring, and a soft-panel application for operators

Support for Sony hardware panels (MKS-R1620 /R1630/R3210/R4020), as well as Sony SDI-IP converters (NXLK-IP51Y and NXLK-IP50Y) and Sony XVS series switchers

Ember+, SWP-02 and MRP northbound interfaces to broadcast control systems, automation systems and other routing control systems

Support for Nevion eMerge IP routers, as well as 3rd party switches, including those from Arista, CISCO, Juniper and Mellanox

Comparing solutions

Traditional broadcast control systemIP network management systemNevion VideoIPath orchestration and SDN control system
Fulfilment and assuranceFulfilment onlyAssurance onlyYes
IP equipment and network and media equipment and flowsNoYesYes
LAN/WAN convergenceNoYesYes
Multi-vendor environmentYesYesYes
Capacity and bandwidth managementNoNoYes
Current and future workflowsCurrent onlyNoYes
Converged media and data networkNoYesYes
(+ on-going development)

Nevion is here to help and guide you

Nevion professional and support services are there to ensure your Nevion VideoIPath deployment is a total success. 

Nevion experts are on hand to help with project planning and management, equipment driver development, system integration, deployment, testing, training, support and maintenance.

Case studies

TV 2

TV 2, the largest commercial television broadcaster in Norway, is using Nevion to control the IP-based software defined network (SDN) solution that connects studios, control rooms and data-centers within and between the broadcaster’s two main production facilities. 


Premier League Production

Nevion partner BT Media & Broadcast delivered a major contribution network to handle coverage of the biggest football league in the world, which is entirely controlled by Nevion VideoIPath. Over 20 uncompressed HD signals are being orchestrated from each of the 20 stadiums in the network.

France Télévisions

France Télévisions is using its Nevion VideoIPath to manage its nationwide IP contribution network. The French public broadcaster has more than 100 sites located around the country, sets up close to 50,000 ad-hoc connections per year between these sites.