Nevion Acceptance Test Services

Nevion offers a comprehensive professional services offering to its customers that provides its customers with assurance that the system will be delivered to specification, on time and to within budget.

The manufacturing process of any ordered product from Nevion includes a factory-manufacturing test as standard to certify the proper electrical or functional operation of the manufactured product. In order to ensure that a system delivery consisting of multiple products meets the combined functional requirements, Nevion offers both Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) to its customers to ensure that all elements in the system works together as intended in a system design.

Acceptance Testing (Item No. 23203):

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

The FAT service involves shipping the ordered system from the Nevion manufacturing plant(s) and any third party equipment involved and assemble system at one of Nevion’s project offices for build-up and testing of all system components for verification. The testing will rigorously test the system and its individual system elements to an agreed test specification and procedure. This will allow system issues being discovered and dealt with early in the delivery phase. Any specific firmware and software may be changed in products in order to match the end to end system requirements. Customers and integrators are able to verify operation and test results before the equipment shipped to site.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

The SAT service will include the same testing procedure as in the FAT service but after the system has been shipped to site, installed and commissioned for operation. The SAT will allow the system components to be verified at customer site and in the operating environment for live operation. The SAT is the final acceptance and verification of a delivered system.

SAT will incur extra cost for travel expenses of Nevion Staff to customer site.