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cProcessor CP4400 TS Processor

The cProcessor CP4400 is the ideal toolbox for T2-MI generation and regional adaptation in DVB-T2 Single Frequency Networks (SFN). Thanks to its flexibility it simplifies the implementation of critical differentiators for network operators.

The CP4400 offers a flexible and highly cost effective solution for generation of T2-MI transmitter feeds and regional adaptation of DTT multiplexes. CP4400 can operate as a central DVB-T2 Gateway or based on Nevion’s deterministic remultiplexing technology for regionalization of DTT multiplexes.

The deterministic remultiplexing enables feeding of transmitters in multiple SFN regions using the same Transport Stream (TS) as used in a pre-existing Direct to Home (DTH) satellite system.

In addition to the powerful TS processing capabilities, the CP4400 offers several tools for the improvement of the transmission quality such as input monitoring, redundancy switching and diversity reception for TSoIP streams. Nevion cProcessors can be configured via an easy to-use monitoring and control interface.

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  • Scalable platform to perform DVB-T2 adaptation on multiple multiplexes to reduce the cost per multiplex
  • Flexible architecture to combine processing features on the same unit
  • Configurable monitoring depth to adapt to the operational requirements
  • Flexible interfaces eliminate the need for format conversion equipment
  • Persistent local alarm log and easy integration with NMS


  • T2-MI generation for up to seven multiplexes in central head-ends
  • Regional adaptation in DVB-T2 SFN networks where generating identical transmitter feeds is crucial
  • Regionalization of DVB-T2 multiplexes by reusing the pre-existing DTH signal

Key Features

  • High number of DVB-T2 Gateway modules per 1RU
    • T2-MI generation for up to 7 DTT multiplexes on one unit
  • Deterministic remultiplexing for DVB-T2
    • Reuse existing satellite signals to feed DVB-T2 regions
    • Generate DVB-T2 multiplexes locally
  • SFN Seamless switching
  • Input stream monitoring (ETSI TR101 290)
  • Input redundancy
    • Diversity reception on IP
    • Alarm based Input Switching (DVB-S2/TSoIP/ASI)
  • ASI and IP input/output interfaces
  • Synchronization
    • 1PPS input
    • GPS input board
  • User-friendly configuration and control

Document   Nevion_CP4400_data_sheet_R1809

Nevion Viewer 3.1.0

The Nevion Viewer is an AIR application that allows users to access user interfaces of nSure, cProcessor, Video Gateway and Virtuoso FA remotely, from any Windows or Mac computer. In order to download Nevion Viewer, send a request to Nevion support.

Document   Nevion-Viewer-release-notes-3.1.0 r1 (04/12/2020)

CP4400 2.8.70

The CP4400 software release 2.8.70 brings a number of enhancements, see release notes for full details.

Document   CP4000_Release_Notes_2_8_70 ()

USB driver for Virtuoso FA, NX4600, TNS4200, CP4400

To install the USB driver download this file, unzip it and read readme.txt

Document   USB Driver FA/TNS/CP/NX4X00 ()

Document   CP4400_users_manual_rev_2_8_A

Document   TXP configuration help

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