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FCS193-AEMS Element Manager for Ventura

Categories: Product Family: Ventura
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This AEMS element manager provides remote monitoring and configuration functionality for the Ventura series chassis. The AEMS card enables you to monitor and configure all Ventura video transport cards in a chassis using a built in Webbased interface or the industry-standard SNMP protocol.

The Web-based interface provides an updated snapshot of the chassis with the status of each front panel LED, allowing the viewing or configuration of each card. AEMS also lists the alarms for each card or the entire chassis, and offers a highly configurable handling of alarms at the element management level.

The SNMP interface provided by AEMS integrates with existing SNMP management solutions. AEMS sends notifications to the SNMP manager if alarm situations occur that require corrective action.

The FCS193-AEMS product is compatible with the new Ventura VS103-90x and VS101-2H chassis.

  • Web browser interface, including chassis display with LED status
  • Remote monitoring and configuration of Ventura line cards – reduces operational costs
  • Configurable alarm handling including severity, grouping and filtering
  • Identifies issues quickly and logs events for future analysis
  • SNMP agent for Network Management Systems
  • Remote firmware upgrade of Ventura line cards
  • Secure communication with AEMS through SSH, SFTP, HTTPS and SNMPv3. Linux iptables firewall included to provide additional security.

Document   Nevion_FCS193_AEMS_R1705

FCS193-AEMS Advanced Element Management System card for the VS103-90X chassis

FCS193-AEMS-2H Advanced Element Management System card for the VS101-2H chassis

Document   FCS193-AEMS user manual Rev.B

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