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AEMS Element Manager for Ventura

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AEMS is an element management card for the Ventura series. It acts as an SNMP agent for all cards in the chassis, monitors and configures them using a Web browser. The Web interface presents a comprehensive set of status, control and alarm variables from a Ventura chassis. AEMS acts automatically as soon as a new card is inserted in one of the slots in the chassis. It also acts as an agent for card upgrades, storing multiple images for each card in the VS103 or VS101 chassis. Users can apply these images to install upgrades from a remote location. AEMS also includes advanced alarm handling capabilities and is designed to support telecommunication management principles.


  • 24/7 monitoring of Ventura line cards isolates problems while reducing costly truck rolls
  • Remote configuration of Ventura line cards saves operational costs
  • Identifying issues quickly when they happen and logging events for future analysis
  • Collect data for maintaining and proving SLA compliance
  • Interfacing with a service provider’s higher level monitoring system
  • Inventory control of all equipment that is in the field

Key Features

  • Automatic recognition, control and operation of line cards
  • Web browser and SNMP based monitoring and controlling
  • Remote firmware download for FCS183 and other line cards using remote and secure Telnet session
  • Date time stamped history and data recording in Flash memory (buffer)
  • Chassis environment reporting using temperature and fan speed sensor (LED indicators)
  • Safe operation transfer to updated firmware (starts using new firmware after validation)
  • User definable alarms based on priority (major, minor or no alarm)

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