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Multicon – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31) Element Manager for Flashlink and VikinX

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The Multicon product provides fully integrated state-of-the-art element management and system control capabilities for Flashlink and VikinX systems. Multicon supports a wide range of applications ranging from optical network monitoring and configuration to controlling live media networking.

The Multicon product provides element management and system control capabilities for Flashlink and VikinX systems. The software may be licensed to support different applications and is available in different product packages to support the main applications.

Multicon includes interfaces for web-based monitoring and control, hardware and software control panels, automation systems and SNMP-based network management systems. The software also supports control of third-party devices using industry standard protocols.

The Multicon software is running on a dedicated hardware card that may be installed in Flashlink, Flashcase, N-BOX or VikinX Modular frames. Multicon is typically installed in an N-BOX to support Flashlink Compact and Sublime devices.


Multicon is an essential part of any Flashlink system that requires monitoring and configuration from a remote location, either via the built-in Web-based interface or the industry standard SNMP protocol. The operator may access status information per card, perform card configuration and manage alarms for the entire Flashlink system. Relevant alarms are configurable for the Web and SNMP interfaces.

Most Flashlink cards offer dynamically updated schematics that shows how signals are routed through the card. The configuration pages are organized into functional blocks that are similar for different cards types making it easier to manage different card types and introducing new. Automatic onfiguration of Flashlink cards are supported uring hot-swap and firmware may be upgraded remotely for supported cards.


Multicon can be used as the system controller for VikinX Sublime, Modular and legacy Compact routers. Multiple controllers may be combined into a system for redundancy purposes and to access resources spread across controllers from common control panels.

Multicon supports level, virtual tables and salvos resources for VikinX router control. These resources are accessible from hardware or software control panels connected to any of the controllers in a system or from external systems like automation.

Key Features

  • One control panel controls the latest range of Flashlink signal processing and distribution (SP&D) cards as well as Vikinx routers
  • A Web based interface monitors and configures Flashlink equipment
  • Salvos are used to define presets for both Flashlink parameters and VikinX routers
  • The control system processes virtual routers, salvos and mnemonics; information is updated once and available from any location
  • Distributed architecture with redundancy ensures that there is no single point of failure
  • Plug-in support for third-party control protocols and control of third-party equipment
  • Industry-standard SNMP support for integration with Nevion DataMiner NMS and other third-party NMS solutions

Document   Nevion_Multicon_DS_R1731

Multicon 6.1.2

Minor release for all Multicon variants. See release notes for details for further details. Please download and unzip the required software below: Nevion Configurator software is used to configure routing control systems and can be downloaded here.

Document   Release_notes_Multicon_6.1.2 (29/06/2022)

Hardware Mk4 options:

  • 23529 MCON-HW-MK4
    • Multicon Mk4 hardware card, back plane and basic software. Requires additional licenses.
  • 23530 MCON-SW-FL-10
    • Multicon software option for up to 10 Flashlink cards.
  • 23531 MCON-SW-FL-80
    • Multicon software option for up to 80 Flashlink cards.
  • 23532 MCON-SW-VX-SL
    • Multicon software option for VikinX Sublime and legacy Compact routers.
  • 23535 MCON-SW-WCTRL
    • Multicon software option for web based router control.
  • 23536 MCON-SW-3PP
    • Multicon software option for third-party protocols; Leitch Pass-through, Probel SW-P-02 and GVG Native.

Hardware Mk2 options (only for VikinX Modular router):

  • 18463 Multicon VX-MOD
    • Multicon System Controller for VikinX Modular routers.
  • 18520 Multicon OPT-VX-MOD
    • Multicon License that adds support for VikinX Modular routers.

Document   Multicon.revT

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