Nevion Virtuoso is a revolutionary software-defined media platform, offering wide-ranging functionality for live production, contribution and professional media transport applications. Its versatility enables a faster time-to-production and greater cost-effectiveness.

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Virtuoso components

Virtuoso’s functionality is virtualized, and delivered by software modules, known as Media Functions – all designed to perform with ultra-low latency. These licensed-controlled functions can be installed, activated and changed on demand – meaning there is no need to switch equipment when a change of functionality is required. Most of the media functions run on generic Media accelerators, which are housed in a Media Server Appliance. Accelerators provide the required processing resources for media functions ranging from video encoding to advanced audio video processing.

Media Functions

Nevion Virtuoso can perform a large variety of software-based media functions, including but not limited to:

  • SDI, SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 processing and adaption
  • IP audio adaption, embedding/de-embedding, processing and mixing (MADI, AES3, ST2110, AES67)
  • Extensive input signal monitoring with option for alarm-based input switching
  • Video encoding and decoding for JPEG 2000, JPEG XS, TICO and H.264/AVC
  • Video processing including Up/Down/Cross conversion, Frame Sync and HDR/SDR conversion
  • Support for SD, HD, 3G and 12G/UHD broadcast formats, 2K and 4K film/cinema formats, slow-motion and stereoscopic 3D
  • Advanced transport protection, including FEC, SMPTE 2022-7 seamless switching and LDO (launch delay offset)
  • Content protection including BISS1, BISS2 and BISS-CA scrambling

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Media functions are listed on this page, under Related Products below.

Media Server Appliances

The Nevion Virtuoso platform has been designed to allow for the provision of Media Servers (appliances) with different characteristics, such as size, number of Media Accelerators that can be accommodated and level of modularity, in order to suit virtually any deployment scenario.

Currently, the following Media Servers are available:

  • Nevion Virtuoso MI: a 1 RU modular infrastructure appliance with dual AC load-sharing power supplies, supporting hot-swap and internal redundancy for element management, internal communications and network uplinks. Nevion Virtuoso MI can hold up to 8 Media Accelerators, supporting for example 1 Network Uplink and 7 Media Functions, 2 Network Uplink and 6 Media Functions, or 8 stand-alone Media Functions.
  • Nevion Virtuoso FA: a 1 RU flexible appliance with dual AC load-sharing power supplies. It includes a built-in 10GE uplink for MPEG-2 TS adaption, processing and monitoring, as well as element management functions. It can hold up to four Media Accelerators, and is cost effective and suitable for fixed and mobile flight case deployments.

Media Accelerators

Nevion Virtuoso Media Accelerators are designed to provide the optimum performance for Media Functions.

Currently, the following Media Accelerators are available:

  • HBR10 Media Accelerator: generic processing card with flexible interfacing to IP/10GE, SDI/video up to 12G/UHD and audio.
  • HBR25 Media Accelerator: generic processing card with flexible interfacing to IP/25GE and SDI video up to UHD/12G.
  • AES3 Digital Audio Adapter: designed for AES3 digital audio interfacing.
  • ASI Adapter: designed for ASI Transport Stream interfacing.
  • H.264/AVC Accelerator: designed for the high quality H.264/AVC and MPEG-2 encoding/decoding.

Management and orchestration

The Nevion Virtuoso platform, together with Nevion’s VideoIPath orchestration and SDN management software, are designed to enable the full potential of IP-based lean production. VideoIPath controls the functionality on the platform including service scheduling, provisioning and monitoring.

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Remote device configuration and monitoring is based on HTML5 web user interfaces, RESTful APIs or Nevion Viewer.

Document   Nevion_Virtuoso_Platform_Datasheet_R2104

USB driver for Virtuoso FA, NX4600, TNS4200, CP4400

To install the USB driver download this file, unzip it and read readme.txt USB Driver

Document   USB Driver FA/TNS/CP/NX4X00 ()

Document   Virtuoso FA User Manual

Document   Virtuoso MI User Guide

Document   TXP HTTP/XML protocol

Document   TXP configuration help

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