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NX4600 (DISCONTINUED) H.264/AVC Media Gateway

Nevion’s NX4600 is an H.264/AVC encoder, decoder and media gateway all built into one. With its high density (up to 4 encoders or decoders in a 1RU form factor), it is specifically designed for applications, such as sports or news broadcast contribution, where multiple high quality video streams need to be transported reliably and with very low latency on network connections that have relatively constrained bandwidth.

The NX4600 enables up to four baseband SDI video signals to be encoded using H.264/AVC or MPEG-2 compression and transported over ASI and IP, with aggregation of TS over IP streams on one or multiple GbE ports if needed. It is also possible to combine encoding and decoding in the same unit, and switch between encoding and decoding, making the NX4600 the most versatile media gateway on the market today.

The NX4600 includes Nevion’s trademark advanced protection mechanisms that enable real-time transport of professional media over IP networks with extremely high availability. The H.264/AVC Media Gateway offers built-in Transport Stream monitoring of both encoder outputs and decoder inputs, as well as SDI and RTP/IP monitoring – all of which helps anticipate and correct any issues with input signals or networks should they arise.

Nevion’s NX4600 can be managed easily through a web-interface or via VideoIPath, Nevion’s media service management solution.

The NX4600’s high-density, flexibility, aggregation, monitoring and ease-of-use makes it eminently suited for applications such as broadcast contribution over low bandwidth or environments with rapidly changing requirements such as occasional use deployments.

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  • Compact, efficient solution that gives savings in rack space by combining encoding and decoding as well as monitoring and network aggregation in one unit
  • Future-proof hardware with codec modules that can be software licensed for encoding or decoding
  • Easy configuration and quick setup with built-in monitoring – minimum expertise needed
  • Preserve the quality of live media content with pristine H.264/AVC 4:2:2 10-bit encoding


  • Professional broadcast contribution
  • Outside broadcast live sports and event contribution
  • Studio-to-studio media exchange
  • Headend contribution
  • Managed media services over ASI or IP networks

Key Features

  • Multi-channel H.264/AVC codec with IP & ASI interfaces
  • Combine up to 4 channels of encoding and/or decoding in the same 1RU unit
  • Software license approach ensures easy upgrade path
  • Best in class video quality with 4:2:2 10-bit processing
  • 16-channel audio compression or pass-through
  • Built-in TS monitoring (ETSI TR 101 290 Priority 1)
  • Standards-compliant video over IP transport – SMPTE 2022-1/2
  • Integrated frame store and reference sync on decoder
  • Highly efficient error correction and concealment
  • Integrated customizable moving test picture generator
  • User-friendly web GUI for monitoring and control

Document   Nevion_NX4600_data_sheet_R2107

Nevion Viewer 3.1.0

The Nevion Viewer is an AIR application that allows users to access user interfaces of nSure, cProcessor, Video Gateway and Virtuoso FA remotely, from any Windows or Mac computer. In order to download Nevion Viewer, send a request to Nevion support.

Document   Nevion-Viewer-release-notes-3.1.0 r1 (04/12/2020)

USB driver for Virtuoso FA, NX4600, TNS4200, CP4400

To install the USB driver download this file, unzip it and read readme.txt USB Driver

Document   USB Driver FA/TNS/CP/NX4X00 ()

Document   NX4600_Users_Manual_2_8_30

Document   TXP configuration help

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