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QUAD-DA-1×2-PB – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31) Quad stream 3G/HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier

QUAD-DA-1×2-PB is a quad 1×2 3G/ HD/SD-SDI Distribution amplifier with passive input bypass well suited for quad stream UHD/4K applications.

The card can operate as either four independent DAs or a quad stream DA monitoring the 4 inputs as one. When operated in quad stream mode the card’s signal alarming will be given on the combined stream.

A passive relayed bypass of all four main inputs enables signal pass-thru in case of mains or card failure.

The Flashlink element manager Multicon enables web and SNMP interface for configuring card settings and monitoring signal status.


  • 4K/UHD 1+1 protection
  • Encoder input feed distribution
  • Video contribution networks
  • Studio interconnection

Key Features

  • 4x 1×2 Distribution Amplifier
  • 3G/HD/SD support
  • Quad stream Distribution Amplification
  • Passive loop-through on backplane
  • GPI I/O
  • On board LED for status
  • On board DIP for configuration
  • 4x electrical inputs
  • 8x electrical outputs
  • HD-BNC or DIN1.0/2.3

Document   QUAD-DA-1x2-PB_DS_R1731

Document   Quad-DA-1x2-PB

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