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QUAD-CHO-2×1-PB Quad 3G/HD/SD-SDI change-over for quad stream 4K/UHD

QUAD-CHO-2×1-PB is a quad 2×1 3G/HD/ SD-SDI change-over with passive input bypass well suited for quad stream UHD/4K applications.

The card can operate as either four independent change-overs or a quad stream change-over switching all 4 streams simultaneously. When operated in quad stream mode the card will make a switch on loss of signal or lock on any of the inputs, and the signal alarming will be given on the combined stream.

The card monitors signal presence and lock of both main and backup inputs. A passive relayed bypass of all four main inputs enables signal pass-thru in case of mains or card failure. The Flashlink element manager Multicon enables web and SNMP interface for configuring card settings and monitoring signal status.


  • 4K/UHD protection
  • Head-end input feed protection
  • Video contribution networks
  • Studio interconnection

Key Features

  • 4x 2×1 change-over
  • 3G/HD/SD support
  • Quad stream change-over based signal loss of any one stream
  • Passive loop-through on backplane
  • GPI I/O
  • On board LED for status
  • On board DIP for configuration
  • 8x electrical inputs
  • 4x electrical outputs
  • HD-BNC or DIN1.0/2.3



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