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TNS544 TSoIP Switch

The TNS544 TSoIP Switch provides intelligent redundancy switchover between MPEG Transport Streams delivered over IP only networks as well as combined IP/ASI networks. It ensures the robust transmission of Transport Streams by continuously monitoring all inputs, switching seamlessly to the backup stream if errors are detected or services or components are lost. Network operators now have the ability to monitor and handle multiple Transport Streams over IP and/or ASI and configure multiple switches per TNS544 unit. This provides greater flexibility and improved reliability within an IP infrastructure or in a hybrid IP/ASI environment.

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  • Increase the service uptime and ensure the best viewer experience.
  • Enable broadcasters and operators to meet SLA requirements.
  • Reduce costs of redundancy in video centric networks
  • Take advantage of cost and flexibility benefits provided by IP without losing quality or functionality


  • Redundancy for Transport Streams in IP-based video centric networks
  • Uplink at uplink sites for Satellite distribution and contribution
  • Redundancy of transmitter feeds in DVB-T and DVB-T2 DTT networks
  • Redundancy of head-end equipment

Key Features

  • Intelligent seamless switching between multiple ASI and IP input streams
  • Multimode operation for adaptive TS matching (SFN/Null packet agnostic/ TS/ PID)
  • Flexible switch configuration
  • Seamless switching in DVB-T/T2 SFN networks
  • Integrated TS monitoring and error detection based on ETR 101 290 input monitoring and error detection
  • Industry-leading support for IP video technologies
  • Forward Error Correction on input and output
  • Dual GbE interfaces
  • Dual power supply
  • User-friendly configuration and control

Document   TNS544_data_sheet_R1808

Nevion Viewer 3.1.0

The Nevion Viewer is an AIR application that allows users to access user interfaces of nSure, cProcessor, Video Gateway and Virtuoso FA remotely, from any Windows or Mac computer. In order to download Nevion Viewer, send a request to Nevion support.

Document   Nevion-Viewer-release-notes-3.1.0 r1 (04/12/2020)


These mibs apply for the cProcessor, nSure and Video Gateway products.

Document   mibs ()

TNS544 2.8.0

The TNS544 software release 2.8.0 brings a a number of fixes and enhancements, see release notes for full details.

Document   TNS544_release_notes_2_8_0 (20/05/2015)

Document   TNS544_users_manual_rev_2_6_B

Document   TXP HTTP/XML protocol

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