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VideoIPath provides an easy-to-use and powerful media service monitoring solution that even non-expert users can operate. This provides access to key performance indicators targeting a variety of users from operations, engineering, sales to external customers.

The solution is designed to simplify day-to-day operations, monitor compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), as well as rapidly identify and resolve the root-causes of any issues in the network, thereby saving on the costs associated with the loss of signals and proactively addressing potential service affecting issues before they escalate.

The solution incorporates Nevion’s award winning VideoIPath network management software with trusted network monitoring probes from the nSure product family, including the flagship TNS4200 solution, and offers a complete solution for end-to-end monitoring without the need for costly and time consuming integration per project. The solution can also take monitoring data from other equipment, from Nevion or 3rd parties, that are part of the transport chain, and correlate this against services.

Through an intuitive and customizable GUI, VideoIPath provides an aggregated overview of the availability and the performance of the services across a network, particularly at the vulnerable
hand-over points between different networks and provider/customer, with the ability to deep-dive into specific equipment to get to the root-cause of issues affecting the services, and quickly act upon this.

Monitoring media networks is fundamental to guarantee the Quality of Service (QoS) for the real-time transport of professional quality content. However, monitoring all the streams and services across the whole transport chain can be challenging, particularly where there are mutilple hand-over points. Nevion provides easy-to-use and powerful monitoring solution that even non-expert users can operate.

The solution uses probes to monitor the signals and streams present in the network and report measurements to VideoIPath. This data is correlated and aggregated by VideoIPath, which can show both the current status of the network and historical views. This enables users to gain a deep understanding of the performance of their network, and rapidly get to the root-cause of any problems. This is particularly important where there are multiple hand-over points between providers and users of media networks, and compliance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


  • Effectively monitor a large number of probes from one screen
  • Overview of key performance indicators
  • Monitor compliance with service level agreements (SLA)
  • Pre-integrated solution that works “out-of-the-box”
  • Combine with connection, alarm and inventory management functions
  • Continous and ad-hoc monitoirng of transport streams


  • Monitoring of central head-ends for IPTV, satellite, cable and DTT networks
  • Remote monitoring of signals in DTT networks
  • End-to-end monitoring of contribution links

Key Features

  • Aggregation and overview capabilities for multiple probes
  • Ability to “zoom-in/out” from the aggregated view to individual probes (deep-dive)
  • Correlation of alarms with indication of the actual services affected
  • Dashboard with drag’n’drop customizable widgets, so users can tailor the display to their needs
  • Thumbnail display, to provide a convenient overview of the streams for confidence monitoring
  • Historical reporting of monitoring data (performance and alarms)
  • Loading monitoring profiles to the monitoring probes to accommodate to planned changes in the network.
  • Ability to make a probe join an IP stream (when multicasting is used), so it can be monitored

Document   VideoIPath Media Service Assurance R1615

  • 24057 VIP-SW-NODE-A
    • VideoIPath level A node license (small size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.
  • 24058 VIP-SW-NODE-B
    • VideoIPath level B node license (medium size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.
  • 24059 VIP-SW-NODE-C
    • VideoIPath level C node license (large size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.
  • 24062 VIP-SW-MONITOR
    • VideoIPath service monitoring license. License fee per monitored end-to-end service. Note that monitoring of connections is covered by CONNECT license.

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