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At home with the Architects

These are challenging times, but organizations must adapt to the situation, as well as plan for the future.

With so few live events taking place, there has in fact never been a better time to plan or undertake a move to, or upgrade of, IP media networks to fundamentally change the way organizations produce content.

Nevion’s “At Home with the Architects” initiative is designed to help you on that transformational journey!

Nevion is there for you!

“Nevion remains able to plan, deliver, configure, test, support and maintain solutions remotely” 

Geir Bryn-Jensen, CEO Nevion 

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Meet the Architects

To find out how to unleash the full potential of IP and Virtualization, meet online with Nevion’s Architects of Virtualization Media Production!

With the help of presentations, case studies and live-demos, Nevion can help you understand how our solutions, products and services, as well as our strategic partnership with Sony, can help you.

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Listen to the Architects

Nevion is running a series of public webinars covering technical and business key topics relevant to the move to IP and virtualization.

Past webinar: Don’t forget the audio!

In the move to IP, the audio is often overlooked, and yet it is often far more complex than video.

Watch the webinar recording
Past webinar: The Road to fully Virtualized Production

To what extent and how can signal transport and processing functionality can be delivered through 

Watch the webinar recording
Past webinar: Federating SMPTE ST 2110 facilities

How can SMPTE ST 2110 be used to enable the federation of facilities needed to deliver distributed production.

Watch the webinar recording

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