A short history of Nevion

History of Nevion

25 years of reinvention

Twenty Five years ago, in 1996, The Spice Girls sang their way to their first number one, Independence Day and The English Patient were box office hits, and world chess champion Garry Kasparov was beaten by a computer for the first time. 

It was also around the time Nevion started its pioneering journey in media transport.

Of course, our company wasn’t called Nevion back then, but Network Electronics. We were pioneers of compact routers — so much so that in some circles, Nevion’s Sublime routers are still known affectionately as “Network routers” in reference to the company’s name at the time.

Over the last two decades, Nevion has evolved and merged with a number of companies, including seminal technology pioneers VPG and T-VIPS.  Along the way, we’ve shaped and architected the field of media transport, challenging the conventional and coming up with new, more efficient ways of doing things. Product names like Flashlink, VikinX and Ventura have become part of the standard vocabulary in the broadcast industry. More recently, our software-defined products, Virtuoso and VideoIPath have become the cornerstones of the media production networks across the world.

Today, our customer list is like a ”who’s who” of broadcasting, telecoms and other industries. We are proud to have customers like CNN, BBC, NASA, BT, Sky, AT&T, Verizon, DU and many more. Our technology is deployed in approximately 90% of all major live events globally, including the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, and US presidential inaugurations.

A lot of pioneers make their mark and then take a back seat. At Nevion we’re not content to do that. We’re innovators at heart and it’s this same philosophy that continues to push us forward and shape our mission. We have dedicated our research and development to pioneering IP, IT and Cloud technologies for broadcast production, together with our parent company Sony.

Our reinvention continues.

Key dates in our history

Here are some of the key dates in the history of Nevion

1996: Network Electronics co-founded by Thomas Heinzer, in Sanderfjord, Norway, specializing in networking for broadcasting facilities

1996: 1st compact routing switcher (VinkiX)

2000: Launch of 1st fiber optical transport platform for broadcast applications (Flashlink)

2006: 1st uncompressed and JPEG2000 broadcast IP contribution (BT, UK and Media Netwerk, Norway)

2008: Acquisition of VPG (specializing in IP based telco & service provider networks)

2009: Network Electronic VPG rebranded as Nevion

2011: VideoIPath launched

2013: Merger with T-VIPS (specializing in transport stream processing)

2013: First UHD IP contribution (for UK telco BT)

2015: First IP-based SDN controlled facilities

2016: Virtuoso launched

2017: 1st multi-site IP broadcast production facility (TV 2, Norway)

2018: 1st IP broadcast production facility with fully virtualized resources (PLAZAMEDIA, Germany)

2019: Sony and Nevion enter in a strategic partnership

2020: Sony acquires Nevion

2020: 1st multi-site, multi-country IP media network with private Cloud (Discovery, Europe)

2021: Nevion founder Thomas Heinzer becomes company CEO

2021: Nevion celebrates 25 years of reinvention

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