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2RU 32×32 3G-SDI router with DIN1.0/2.3 – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31) SLX2-3GHD3232-CP-DIN

Order no: 23626

Categories: Product Family: VikinX Functionality: Routing
NOTE: This product is a version, a variant or a module of a main product. For further information about this product, visit the main product page.

2RU 32×32 3G-SDI compatible compact router with DIN1.0/23 connectors, built-in controller with WEB interface, SNMP support and support for Nevion control panels. The router also features options for redundant controller, redundant cross point and audio/video processing modules. Single PSU included.

23628    SLX2-HW-RC              Hardware option for redundant controller
23629    SLX2-HW-RX32          Hardware option for redundant cross point
23630    SLX2-HW-VPROC4    Hardware option for quad core processing board
23631    SLX2-HW-AVPROC4  Hardware option for quad core processing board with 32 port AES I/O
23632    SLX2-SW-CQ1            Software option for single clean-switch core
23633    SLX2-SW-EMB1         Software option for single embedder/de-embedder core
23637    SLX2-SW-3PP            Software option enabling 3rd party protocols
23636    SLX2-SW-VX-CTRL   Software option enabling control of external VikinX routers
23638    SLX2-PWR-80            80W 12V Power supply for Sublime X2

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