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ADA-VMUX – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31) Analog and Digital Audio Multiplexer over SDTI

Categories: Product Family: Flashlink Functionality: Media aggregation and multiplexing

The product is a two card solution onto a single backplane slot for the Flashlink FR202 frame or Flashcase II.

The digital audio signals are transported completely asynchronous and bit transparent. The analogue audio conversion is broadcast quality, providing a dynamic range above 105dBA for any conversion. This ensures optimized audio quality for both analog and digital audio signals.

The product also supports bi-directional audio transport making it well suited  for both AES and 4-wire based intercom transport.

Its multiplex design is optimized for ensuring minimum latency in the audio network, by adding delay only at ingest point.

The board can be ordered with 4 stereo pair inputs, 4 stereo pair outputs or 2 stereo pair inputs + 2 stereo pair outputs.

The board supports both optical and electrical networks, and can utilize existing SDI network for transport.

The card is easy to use with minimum setup needed and broadcast centric control enabled thru Nevions control panel support.

This product can only be used in Flashlink enclosure FR202 and Flashlink II.


  • High density
  • Low cost
  • Flexible


  • Analog and/or digital audio transport
  • Bi-directional audio transport
  • 4-wire transport
  • Intercom transport

Key Features

  • Up to 64 stereo-pairs over SDTI per fiber/ wavelength
  • Bi-directional audio transport
  • Supporting ring network topologies
  • Fully asynchronous audio transport of all channels
  • 4 analog stereo pair ports
  • 4 configurable AES ports
  • >105dBA dynamic range for any conversion
  • All 64 channels on the multiplex available to any of the audio output ports
  • CWDM support
  • Optics removable with main board without detaching fiber connections

Document   ada-vmux-sfp_ds

Document   ADA-VMUX.revB

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