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DA-VA 1x6 analog distribution amplifier with passive loop-thru

Order no: 11062

Categories: Product Family: Flashlink Functionality: Distribution amplifier

The Flashlink DA-VA is an analog video distribution amplifier module providing high performance media distribution for analog signals from DC to 200 MHz. The module also complies with the SMPTE 259M specification for SDI signals. The input signal is distributed to 6 equivalent outputs, all with 75 ohms impedance. The input can be switched between 75 Ohms or high impedance for multi-drop purposes. A signal detector will indicate if a signal is present (LED and GPI).

The DA-VA is well suited for distribution of AES-3id signals (75 Ohms unbalanced AES over coaxial cables).


  • Analog video distribution
  • AES distribution
  • Tri-level sync distribution
  • SDI distribution
  • DVB-ASI distribution

Key Features

  • DC to 200MHz analogue video
  • 6 non-inverting outputs
  • Also suitable for SDI according to SMPTE-259M


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