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FRS-HD-CHO – DISCONTINUED (LTB 02.06.2021) 2x1 HD-SDI Change-over with frame synchronizer

Order no: (18088) - DISCONTINUED

The Flashlink FRS-HD-CHO is a feature rich 2×1 HD/SD-SDI change-over module with built in framesynchronizer providing error-free switching between two sources. The FRS-HD-CHO is ideal for use with SNG vans where it is mission critical to provide an uninterrupted signal feed to downstream equipment like MPEG-2encoders. Its space saving design and best-inclass low power consumption adds to an impressive feature set. FRS-HD-CHO can be added to any field-deployed unit and is ideal for on-air applications. The HD/SD framesync solution provides a feature for de-glitching of the input source, providing seamless, error-free synchronous switching between two sources.

The FRS-HD-CHO also supports ASI swithcing and is capable of doing in-depth monitoring of ASI stream according to ETR.290 1.1 and 1.2. In addition the module features passive relayed bypass of its two inputs to secure signal chain at power down.


  • Cost efficient in-depth signal protection
  • Multi-signal support
  • Always signal thru-put


  • Event production
  • Head-end redundancy switching
  • Studio interconnection
  • Contribution networks

Key Features

  • Passive bypass from both inputs to outputs with less than 25m loss of cable length
  • HD/SD video support, including DVB-ASI in through mode
  • ASI mode with error detection according to ETR.290 1.1 and 1.2.
  • Separate ASI-only version available with a much simplified user interface
  • De-glitching of input video signal (always seamless output)
  • Intelligent change-over functionality with in-depth switching criteria
  • Ripple rejection latching with adjustable hold times
  • GPI inputs for external control of switch
  • Individual detection timings for video signal integrity, audio signal integrity, video content and audio content.
  • HD/SD frame sync/delay (8 frames max)
  • Audio delay enabling Dolby-E processing delay correction
  • Audio router for embedded audio
  • SDI Label inserter

Document   frs-hd-cho_ds_0

Document   frs-hd-cho

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