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FRS-HD-XMUX4 – DISCONTINUED (LTB 02.06.2021) - HD-SDI Frame synchronizer with digital audio embedder/de-embedder

Categories: Functionality: Synchronization

Nevion’s Flashlink FRS-HD-XMUX4 is a feature rich frame synchronizer for HD-SDI and SD-SDI with built-in audio embedder/ deembedder. The Nevion technology for configurable AES ports makes the product configurable to most embedding demebedding applications. Its ability to do simultanously embedding and de-embedding togehter with the feature of delaying audio and video seperately makes the product well suited for use in line with audio processing gear.

The de-glitcher capabilities make the FRS-HD-XMUX4 the preferred choice for frame synchronization applications when used in front of or after a routing switcher the output is always error-free. Additionally, all synchronous switching is seamlessly presented at the output of the FRS-HD-XMUX4.

The FRS-HD-XMUX4 also comes with option for optical receiver making it useful in any optical video network.

Its small footprint, low power consumption and Nevion panel control support makes it ideal for outside broadcast applications.

The extensive manual control thru diP, push and rotary switches enables the module to be efficiently used as a stand-alone unit, enclosed in the small Flashlink N-box enclosure.



  • All-round product
  • High level of integration
  • Simultanous de-embedding and embedding with audio/video alignment
  • Optical interface


  • Studio infrastructure
  • Studio interconnect
  • OB production
  • Frame synchronisation
  • Audio embedding/de-embedding

Key Features

  • 4 x HD-SDI outputs
  • 4 x AES input/output ports, user programmable
  • Optical short haul input (optional)
  • HD/SD video support, including DVB-ASI in through mode
  • De-glitching of input video signal (always seamless output)
  • HD/SD frame sync /delay (8 frames max)
  • Luma/chroma gain and level adjustment
  • Audio delay enabling Dolby-E processing delay correction
  • Audio router for embedded audio
  • Embedded audio gain adjustment
  • Audio fade out/fade in at frame-wrap
  • SDI in-monitor display label inserter
  • EDH processing

Document   frs-hd-xmux4_datasheet_0


Item No. Item Name Description
18723 FRS-HD-XMUX4 HD/SD-SDI Frame synchronizer. DA on output, 4 SDI outputs. 4 AES I/O ports. GPI. Gyda enabled and SNMP support.
18724 FRS-HD-XMUX4-R HD/SD-SDI Frame synchronizer. DA on output, 4 SDI outputs. 4 AES I/O ports. GPI. With short haul optical receiver.
18725 FRS-HD-XMUX4-R-L HD/SD-SDI Frame synchronizer. DA on output, 4 SDI outputs. 4 AES I/O ports. GPI. With long haul optical receiver.

Document   frs-hd-xmux4_0

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