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SPG-AVA-DMUX- DISCONTINUED (LTB 02.06.2021) Sync-Pulse Generator/Replicator with Linear Time Code and AES reference outputs

Order no: (19698) DISCONTINUED

The Flashlink SPG-AVA-DMUX is a multi format sync pulse replicator, generating Black&Burst, TriLevel, AES11 and LTC from an input reference source. The SPG-AVA-DMUX contributes to a reliable sync distribution over a digital SDI infrastructure. The card features Nevions clean-lock change-over functionality providing a continuous reference output when switching between different input references. This ensures support of redundancy in any network topology. The module has option for both optical and electrical inputs making it useful in a variety of sync distribution application.

The SPG-AVA-DMUX is also fully configurable thru switches on the hardware module, making it suitable in single card enclosure for stand-alone applicatios.


  • Reliable long distance sync distribution
  • Utilizes existing SDI infrastructures for sync transport
  • Suitable for stand-alone applications


  • Optical sync distribution
  • Live productions 
  • Event productions
  • Studio infrastructure

Key Features

  • Clean-lock change-over
  • Adjustable delay compensation
  • 3 analog video reference outputs
  • Supports Black and Burst or TriLevel
  • LTC and AES11 support
  • Cascadable for more outputs
  • Option for optical input

Document   SPG-AVA-DMUX user manual Rev.B

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