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SPG-PTP – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31) IP based Sync Pulse Generator

Categories: Application Area: Broadcast Infrastructure, IP Production Networks Product Family: Flashlink Functionality: IP adaptation, Synchronization Media Interface: IP/Ethernet access Technology: IP, PTP Transport interface: IP/Ethernet

The Flashlink SPG-PTP is designed to fit studio needs providing sync signals for a number of both audio and video equipment.

With the convergence to IP infrastructure a wish to also remove the coax distribution of sync in the facility follows. However, existing video and audio equipment in the studios and control rooms would still require the traditional analog reference. The SPG-PTP card bridge the gap between the IP network and the devices from a reference point of view, generating a set of baseband sync signals based on the PTP signal distributed by the IP network. The baseband reference signals covers SDI, analogue black, wordclock, AES11 and 1 PPS.

Phase alignment of the analog sync signals provided by the card can be adjusted, taking in consideration latency of SDI to IP conversion or downstream processing. It allows the broadcast network to remain in sync and phase aligned even on IP.

SPG-PTP can be enclosed in any flashlink housing including the small single card enclosure N-box allowing sync to be easily made available in any location.

Flashlink’s element manager Multicon enables configuration and monitoring of the SPG-PTP thru a web-interface as well as industry standard SNMP.

  • Reduce need for separate sync distribution


  • Sync distribution
  • IP studio
  • Head-end synchronization

Key Features:

  • 1x SDI output
  • 5x analogue black outputs
  • 2x PPS outputs
  • 4x AES11
  • 4x Wordclock
  • Adjustable video phase

Document   spg-ptp_ds

Document   spg-ptp_manual

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