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Vikinx Modular 64 – DISCONTINUED 64x64 3G-SDI 5RU modular router

NOTE: This product is a version, a variant or a module of a main product. For further information about this product, visit the main product page.

The Modular 3GHD6464S Router is part of the VikinX Modular products range, offering up to 64×64 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or SD-SDI X-points.This top of the line router provides a very compact frame, fully hot-swappable architecture, built-in dual redundant power supply and fully redundant controller functions.Starting with the size of 32×32, the router can be expanded under operation with 32×32 increments. Advanced control features like TCP/IP interface and SNMP agent, as well as comprehensive surveillance of the router’s vital parameters are available via the Multicon Monitoring and Control system.The Modular 3G/HD/SD-SDI router provides output reclocking and input (cable) equalization; all of which can be turned on/off on an individual basis.As for our well known VikinX compact router series low power consumption has been important.VikinX Modular provides a fully hot-swappable architecture, meaning that all components are front loaded without any active components on the rear panel.VikinX Modular provides all important 3rd party control interfaces allowing the control of our routers through 3rd party management software. On top of that the THOR management package allows control of the most common 3rd party routers. This enables you to utilize existing routers and management systems from other manufacturers and still draw the advantages of implementing VikinX Modular in your routing application.


  • Low OPEX
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Extensive 3rd party support
  • Easy configuration


  • Main broadcast router
  • Large router systems
  • Small studio systems

Key Features

  • Up to 64×64 3G/HD/SD-SDI router
  • Extensive 3rd party support
  • Extended router lines (16×8); makes it possible to add standard Flashlink cards in the router and control them like a regular router input/output
  • Lowest power consumption available, approx. 275W
  • 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, MADI and AES-3id Audio in one frame
  • All active components hot-swappable and front loaded

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