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VS101 Modular Frame

The Nevion Ventura VS101 is a carrier class platform for media transport applications.

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of telco environments, the VS101 is also well-suited for integration into broadcast and production facilities. In combination with our powerful VideoIPath network media management system, the platform is a future-proof solution for professional video processing and transport applications.

Key Features

  • Both AC and DC versions available
  • 3 slots for any combination of cards from the Ventura series
  • Single, field-replacable power supply included
  • A second, external, field-installable power supply option is available for AC or DC which includes a dual redundant load-sharing board
  • Hot swappable cards in any slot
  • Field serviceable fans
  • Transparent front panel to view card LEDs
  • Sliding front panel for card access
  • 19” rack mountable with removable flange for center or wall mounting
  • Optional Advanced Element Management System that provides remote status, alarms and configurations via SNMP and Ethernet, without occupying a card slot
  • NEBS Level 3‑certified for central office applications

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