Nevion wins Digital Media World award for best IP-based production

2018 is set to be an exciting year for Nevion and the good news has already started rolling in, as we’ve been named the winner of the ‘IP-based Production’ category for this year’s Digital Media World (DMW) Awards! This was totally unexpected from our side; there wasn’t a traditional entry process as winners were all decided independently by DMW. That makes it all the more special for us!

DMW is one of the leading broadcast news publications globally, and each year it hands out a number of DMW Awards to the companies it believes best deserves them. The awards are given to companies “that have pushed forward the opportunities, techniques and possibilities of media creation, delivery and management through their products and services”, based on the judges’ evaluation of key areas in the industry where they saw significant change and development taking place.

We are extremely honored to have won the IP-based Production category of this year’s Awards with Virtuoso, our software-defined media node platform. Designed for real-time transport, processing and monitoring of live-media content — video, audio and data — over IP networks, Virtuoso has proved itself to be an extremely flexible and scalable platform for broadcasters and service providers, allowing them to manage their IP networks with an unprecedented level of simplicity.

The beautiful thing about Virtuoso is that, as the adoption of IP technology across all areas of the broadcast environment continues to gather pace, we are seeing it used by customers in increasingly creative and sophisticated ways. Able to work across media production WANs and LANs such as broadcast contribution, metro, studio and campus networks, Virtuoso boasts the versatility to solve all kinds of broadcast management issues.

With so many broadcast tools and solutions available on the marketplace, we are thrilled that Digital Media World has singled out Virtuoso as an award-worthy winner. What a great way to start the new year!


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