Nevion at NAB 2022 – it’s a wrap!

Live your Vision @ NAB 2022

The 2022 edition of the NABshow is now over. This was the first major event for Nevion since its acquisition by Sony in October 2020, and indeed the first opportunity to showcase our joint value proposition.

Live your vision

Sony’s theme for NAB 2022 was “Live Your Vision”, i.e. let the creatives (and the business people) be in the driving seat, and technology become an enabler of their respective vision, not a restriction.

That theme is represented by 4 main items (see image above), going from glass (acquisition) to glass (presentation), with IP and Cloud technology providing the bridge between them. Nevion’s IP expertise and experience obviously puts us at the center of Sony’s proposition.

Nevion’s key role was outlined in Sony’s NAB Show Press Conference 2022. First, Neal Manowitz, President and COO at Sony Electronics, described flexible workflows as one of the key trends in the market (at 5:48 in the video below), and then Theresa Alesso, President, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Americas, expanded on Nevion’s role in enabling this (at 23:15).

NAB Show Press Conference 2022

Networked Live – Production from Anywhere at Any Scale

Nevion’s solutions, products and services fit into Sony’s Networked Live offering. The NABshow provided a showcase for the breadth and depth of our joint capabilities, and how these empower content creators by enabling production from (virtually) anywhere at (practically) any scale.

Sony’s Director of Networked Solutions at Sony Electronics Professional Solutions Americas, Deon LeCointe explained this in detail on the stage of the Sony booth, covering in particular the role of Nevion’s flagship products, VideoIPath (media orchestration platform) and Virtuoso (software-defined media node).

NAB Show 2022 – Solutions for the Convergence of IP, 5G and Cloud

On the show floor

Nevion was present in the Networked Live part of the Sony booth, where live demos of hybrid ground/cloud production were on show – built amongst others on Nevion products. 

Sony’s CTO (Imaging Products and Solutions Americas Professional Group), Hugo Gaggioni, provides a short overview of what was being shown on the booth below.

NAB Show 2022 – Networked Solutions

Nevion professionals were also on hand to discuss recent projects and the new features of Nevion’s flagship products, including:


Nevion’s Chief Technologist, Andy Rayner, presented multiple times on the IP Showcase Theater.

He also provided us with regular entertaining updates on Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) throughout the show.

So it’s a wrap, for now

The 2022 edition of the NABshow is now over for another year. For Nevion, it’s been really great being able to meet our customers, partners and indeed some colleagues (old and new) face-to-face for the first time in over two years; and of course share all the new developments, at the company, project and product levels.

A big thank to all at Sony and Nevion who contributed to making the show a success, and of course to all of you who dropped by!

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