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Nevion Virtuoso JPEG 2000 HD Media Function

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Nevion Virtuoso’s JPEG 2000 media function saves bandwidth while providing visually lossless compressed video, transparent audio and data, at ultra-low latency.

Nevion Virtuoso can run multiple instances of the JPEG 2000 Media Function on a single platform with built-in network aggregation to 10G Ethernet.

The VSF TR-01 compliant TS over IP encapsulation ensures perfectly synchronized transport of video, audio and ancillary data, as well as interoperability with 3rd party equipment.

The JPEG 2000 Media Function runs on the Virtuoso 10G High Bit Rate Media Accelerator and supports electrical and optical SDI interfaces via video SFPs and breakout cables. Compressed  signals are aggregated on built in 10G Ethernet interfaces build-in on the Virtuoso FA or on the Uplink Module of the Virtuoso MI.

A single JPEG 2000 media function supports encoding or decoding of up to 4 HD/3G signals, providing, for example, 16 encoders per 1RU in Virtuoso FA or 28 encoders per 1RU in Virtuoso MI.

The Nevion Virtuoso JPEG 2000 Media Function, combined with Nevion’s advanced protection mechanisms, enables broadcasters to utilize cost-efficient IP links for the real-time transport of professional media with low bandwidth utilization, combined with high quality and availability.


  • Professional broadcast contribution
  • Live sports and event contribution
  • Studio-to-studio media exchange
  • Managed video services over IP

Key features

  • Multi-channel JPEG 2000 encoding or decoding
  • Visually lossless VQ and low multi-generation loss
  • Transport of SD, HD and 3G-SDI over IP/ GigE
  • Interoperability with 3rd party through VSF TR-01
  • Very low end-to-end latency, 3-4 frames with TR-01
  • Option for ultra-low latency (sub-frame)
  • Supports FEC, SIPS / SMPTE 2022-7 and Launch Delay Offset (LDO) IP protection mechanisms
  • Integrated frame synchronization on decoder
  • User-friendly web GUI for monitoring and control
  • Thumbnails for input/output confidence monitoring
  • Built-in TS monitoring (ETSI TR 101 290 Priority 1) of encoder output and decoder input, with option for Pri 2 and Pri 3 monitoring including PCR validation
  • Software license approach ensures easy and future-proof upgrade path

Document   Nevion_Virtuoso_JPEG2000_Datasheet_R2027

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