New year, new vision — towards virtualization

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As the broadcast industry converges with IT, it’s not only broadcasters who are changing. Broadcast manufacturers, service providers and even telcos are adapting to the shifting market. After 20 years as a leader in transporting media from the camera to the home we’ve grown and evolved with the industry and now it’s time to embrace that change once again.

We’re ushering a new year with a new vision and mission, led by management and supported by our R&D team, engineers, and sales and marketing departments, as well as the launch of newly revamped website.

Our focus going forward is on virtualization and how this approach can help organizations like broadcasters and OTT providers produce more content, with fewer resources, more cost-effectively and without getting locked into using proprietary technology.

Our vision is to help build a world where people freedom to create and deliver professional quality content in real-time without limitations, using collaboration and, ultimately, virtualization.

With the continued adoption and use of IP in broadcast infrastructures, it’s clear that the future of broadcast lies in virtualization. And with that in mind, we’ve developed the concept of Virtualized Media Production, which underpins our vision. Virtualized Media Production adapts the IP, IT and SDN architectures that are widely used by digital service providers to deliver cloud services that will support the production of content in real-time.

And we recognize that this transition to using more IP, cloud and virtualized services will not happen overnight. Which is why we’re perfectly poised to take our current and future customers on the journey toward IP, guiding them and making sure the process is a gradual, effective one that meets their changing requirements.

How is this different from what we’ve been doing in the past? Fundamentally, it’s no different — it’s the logical next step in the evolution of the industry, the technology and Nevion. As before , we’re still committed to our customers, delivering the best possible solutions and supporting them at each point in the transition. Only now, in line with our new vision, we’ve upped our game, have a sharper focus on the future and the technology that’s needed to make it a reality.

Join us in shaping a new freedom…

For more information, visit our Vision page.

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