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Will the Cloud ever be fit for live production? (Live Production, February 2019)

Historically, dedicated hardware has been the only way to achieve professional-grade, real-time media transport, processing and monitoring functionality. However, that is beginning to change with the emergence of products with an increasing proportion of their functionality provided by software on the market. Talk is now turning to moving to the […]

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Success with IP requires insight into network architecture and control (Videonet, January 2019)

The Holy Grail of increased productivity leads many broadcasters towards IP technology. Its attractions include lower costs than broadcast-specific baseband, and its ability to handle any video and audio technology. Too often, however, broadcasters initially opt for a like-for-like network replacement, which denies them the cost-savings and increased flexibility of […]

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IP based production – special report (TM Broadcast, January 2019)

In recent years, we have seen more broadcasters moving to IP-based production. This was initially driven by the anticipated cost savings deriving from using enterprise equipment, but IP solutions are now increasingly being used to transform workflows – sharing more efficient resources like studios, control rooms, equipment and indeed production […]

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Moving Live Production to the Cloud – from the Ground Up (Digital Media World, January 2019)

Right now, the most common approach to configuring virtualisation for media functions is to use specialised hardware platforms, optimised for performance, explains Nevion’s Olviier Suard. However, products with a larger proportion of their specialised functionality owed to software have recently become available, and systems based on commercial off the shelf […]

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